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Healthpath Podcast

Dec 1, 2022

In this episode I speak with Boomer Anderson about his health journey from being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease at the age of 30 to where he is now. Boomer is creator and podcast host at Decoding Superhuman, which uses performance analysis, behavior change, and technology to help clients optimise their health. After nine years in the investment banking industry, Boomer left his successful career to pursue his obsession with maximizing performance. Unsatisfied with broad health generalisations, Boomer developed the Decoding Superhuman methodology to provide an individualised approach to performance backed by science and data. We discuss:

  • The importance of data to personalise health and help cut out the 'noise' from the industry.
  • The role breathwork and psychedelics played in Boomer's recovery.
  • The importance of mindset in healing and health optimisation.

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